What is it?

Street Dance is a fun style that children really enjoy. Derived from Hip-Hop, Street Dance involves a variety of dance styles such as break dancing, popping and locking, krumping and even traditional jazz moves. Created in the 1960’s, Hip-Hop was a street dance for the people rather then to be taught in institutions. Since then it has come a long way from being a dance thought of as only for the streets to being a style which today is a respected genre. Hip-Hop dance is a fun and popular style, especially with young people, and is now used in mainstream commercial settings like TV, music videos and theatres.


Hip-hop dance classes A large part of hip hop dance is creativity and improvisation and just letting the music move you.

  • Improves fitness and general physical health
  • Exercise relieves stress and music can decrease anxiety and depression
  • Development of muscles and muscle memory
  • Increases coordination and flexibility
  • Builds on self-confidence



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