Me: Founder, Director and Teacher

My name is Gabriela Montgomery-Solano, I am Anglo-Brazilian. I am director, teacher and choreographer at Dance Adventures. I began my own dance adventure at a very young age of 3 while travelling with my journalist father and film-editor mother around the world for one year, being exposed to, – and taking part in -, all sorts of local dance events. After stepping into my first dance lesson at the age of 4, in Barcelona, the freedom of moving and expressing my body in a creative way gave me the confidence and passion to pursue a career in dance. I’ve never looked back!

Since training professionally, from the age of 6, – as well as completing my BA Hons and MA Degree -, at London Contemporary Dance School (known as The Place), I have had the pleasure of teaching in many schools around the UK (The Place, The Brit School, The American School, etc.) and worked with different groups of people from toddlers and their parents to people with special needs. Apart from teaching, I have had the opportunity of performing and working alongside professional dance companies such as Richard Alston, Tavaziva Dance and Iroko Theatre Company.

I have also taken part in music videos for various artists as well as participated in major festivals both in the UK and internationally (Dance Umbrella London, DACI Brazil, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Montreal Dance Festival, Canada).

Apart from promoting a creative and fun way of keeping fit and healthy, I also strive to inspire and enable students who are looking to become professional dancers and want to apply and audition for higher level dance institutions.

It gives me great satisfaction as a teacher to watch my students grow and develop. It’s priceless!

Come and join us at Dance Adventures to start your creative journey!